About the college

Theatre College "Luben Groys" bears the name of the prominent Bulgarian theatre director Luben Groyce who was highly acknowledged during his lifetime not only in Bulgaria but also abroad - as a member of The International Shakespearean Society in Weimar. He also received high appraisal on the Edinburgh Festival as an original interpreter of the Shakespearean dramaturgy.

His lifework is being registered in the German Encyclopaedia for Theatre. Foundation "Liuben Groys" was set up by people who care for the theatre cultural life in Bulgaria and want to preserve the traditions created by such producer as Liuben Groys in the field of Art. The College was established in 1991 an alternative to the government Art Academy in Sofia. Founder and head of the College is professor Elena Baeva - a long term lecturer on actorlibrary′s and stage directorlibrary′s art at National Academy of Theatre and Film Art. Since its foundation the students of the College proved that for them library"life is theatre and theatre is lifelibrary" which helped them in all public appearances they had-mini festivals, workshops, and seminars in Bulgaria with participation of theatrical groups from abroad.

As a result of the enormous, pаssionate work done by both the students and their professors led by Elena Baeva the College is being invited in 1997 to present Chehovlibrary′s program on the Festival of the Alternative Theatre Formations in Berlin, Germany.

Promising should be consider the fact that more than 90% of the graduates of the College received invitations to work for long established professional theatres not only in Sofia but also in the province. At the same time many of them had the chance to choose whether to continue their carrier on the stage of a theatre or to participate in musical-entertainment shows, TV-theatres, movies.

An offer made to them by the Bulgarian National Television and National Movie Making Company. Whatever the individual choices were it was a successful debut for the young graduate actors bearing in mind that almost all of them have permanent contracts. The College is situated in the prestigious building of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.The foundation aims to help in developing new theatrical forms of education. To support the publishing of theatrical literature and to encourage talented young actors in perceiving their goals with professional guidance and funds. To organise staging competitions, art exhibitions and reviews of festivals of amateur art activities.

In Theatre College library"Liuben Groyslibrary" students are taught in subject library"Acting for Drama Theatrelibrary". The training process goes under the program library"Actor of the Living Theatrelibrary". The main goal of the subject is to provide the students with a wide range of skills in the field of Drama Theatre in order they to be as competitive in their future professional career as possible after graduating from the college. Therefore the student who has successfully pаssed all exams, seminars etc. included in the College’s Programme:

The practical skills, which the student acquires for his/her professional realization, determine the variety of methods of training during the three years of education in the college.


  1. Lecture - is a theory instruction upon a problem that is a part of a thematic circle of the concrete branch of knowledge. Different educational systems are approved and students take active part in them. Discussions take place very often and they are an essential part of the Lecture.
  2. Laboratory exercise - creates a situation in which the student has the opportunity to apply his/her theoretical knowledge. Those exercises aim to develop the actorlibrary′s practical skills. Laboratory exercises are the most important and fundamental part of the studies in the college. They can be implemented individually or in groups from 2 to 4 participants.
  3. Seminars - are held depending on the specifics of the concrete subject. Discussions are the main part of working during the seminars. Debates help the individual work done in a small group to be presented at the end to the whole class. Bearing in mind what has been said about the seminars it can be concluded that they are mainly intended to be the time for theory and analytical revisions of the work. On the contrary the public demonstration end its analyses are preferred by the practical subjects.
  4. Terminal work-is the process of working out a piece of a role or hole role or writing approach to a theoretical problem. The tutors of the different subjects distribute the tasks at their own discretion. The mutual work between lecturers and students transforms into very helpful consultations, which have not any influence on the final exam decisions.
  5. Course project - is library"building uplibrary" a part in a play. That is the opportunity given to each student to implement in his/her individual project all knowledge and experience he/she has learnt trough the years from the whole complex, system of subjects.
  6. Graduating work-is participation in a performance with his/her own built up part. Students have the chance to play on a professional stage and to demonstrate their developed, trough the years in the college, skills and abilities. In that final part of the education students master professional specifics of acting in a real theatrical environment.

Trough the three years studies - 40-50 hours per week. Subjects are structured and based upon the specifics of the courses and each of them finishes with an exam or other specific form of work evaluation.

As a result of their training students obtain universal theatre language to provide them entrance to different bays in the space of theatre as good as an effective professional career. Educational program of the College includes following courses:

The College was accredited as independent high school-college with decision of XXXIXth National Assembly on 13.02.2002. Students obtain study degree “bachelor” in professional field “Theatre and Film art”. With a decision of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency the College was accredit for a second time for a period of six years, to 2013.

Plays realised by the students at Theatre College library"Liuben Groycelibrary":